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Tender for streaming partnership



Dear Ultimate Community,


EUF is looking for a Streaming Partner!


We would like to collaborate with a live streaming company to make high quality tournaments more accessible to the whole European Ultimate Community.


To maximise transparency and give every bidding organisation equal opportunity to win a 2 year contract with us, we have created a tendering process and would like to extend an open invite for bids!


Deadline for completed applications is 1st October.


If your organisation is interested in submitting a bid, please send an e-mail to


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XEUCF Financial Update + Refund Policy


Dear Ultimate Community 


As promised we send you an update about the XEUCF financial situation as well as the refund policy. This is the outcome of a very cooperative discussion between EUF and TOC, we are very happy to be able to work towards this big tournament. 

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Call for Bids for EUF Events in 2022 and 2023


EUF ist seeking organisers for events in 2022 and 2023. Please check the single requirements and deadlines in the bidding documents.

EYUC U17: Bidding Document (FYI: there are already 2 well defined bids form the EYUCs 2020)
EYUC U20: Bidding Document 

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EUIC 2022




Dear National Federations,

We bring more good news! 

With the current status of pre-registered countries as well as the backing of the city council of Herning we’ve decided to go ahead with the EUIC 2022 tournament. 



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XEUCF 2021


 Dear Ultimate Community


We are pleased to announce that following the Belgian Government’s planned COVID regulations, XEUCF 2021 will be allowed to take place in Brugge.


As it stands, the Belgian Government has announced that from August, sporting event capacity will increase to 5,000 attendees. Providing these national measures go ahead as planned, the tournament will last 4 days, with games being played from the 30th September (first playing day) to 3rd October (finals).

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