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Dear European Ultimate Community,

The EUF Board intensively worked in the past months to define the new EUF Strategy. This is summarized in this short video and presented in a more structured way in this presentation, where you will find an overview, what methods we used, what steps we took and how far we have come. 


Our next steps are to form short-term task forces to define the details for the implementation of the ideas in the areas the EUF Board decided to set its strategic focus on 


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No xEUCF 2020 in Bruges !


Dear European ultimate community,
It is with great sadness that we write to you that xEUCF in Bruges from 1-4 October will not take place. 

Over the last couple of weeks, besides your enthusiastic registrations, we received a lot of emails with questions about possible refunds and most of all questions on COVID-19. After several long discussions the EUF board and TOC together decided to cancel the whole tournament.

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EYUC 2021 U20 will take place in Malmö (SWE)


the EUF is pleased to announce that the EUF 2021 European Youth Ultimate Championships (EYUC 2021) will be hosted in the city of Malmö, Sweden in July 2021 or early August 2021. The event will feature national Ultimate teams in the Mixed, Open and Women´s Under-20 divisions. The date is not yet defined as it needs to be coordinated with the WU24, WUGC and U17 EYUC events. We hope the date can be set within the next six weeks.

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Give Back! Fill the EUF Player's Survey!


The EUF Gender Equity Committee just released the EUF Player's survey!


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Bid Distribution XEUCF 2020 - Oct. 1st-4th 2020 (4 days!) in Bruges (BEL)


During xEUCF in Bruges from 1-4 October the divisions will consist of 20 (Mixed) - 32 (Open) - 20 (Women) teams. With lockdown restrictions all over Europe loosening up and normal travel restarting soon, the idea of xEUCF is getting closer and closer and every day looks more a reality. ( But beware, nothing is sure yet ! ) We made the next step and decided on the list of participating teams in all 3 divisions, plus a 5 teams' waiting list. 

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