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EUCS Transition Part 3: Spring and Summer Invite



One thing that works quite well in the current system is the distribution of tournaments through the regions.This is not only easier on the players' money, it requires less air travel as well (In some regions it might already be quite challenging without air travelling). In order to balance the system on the competitive side but not lose the effort of (somewhat) easy regional accessibility we want to implement the Spring and the Summer Invite tournament.

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EUCS Transition Part 2: European Elite Invite



The tournament that is going to be introduced in the first year of the transition is the “ELITE INVITE”. 

Europe's top 8 teams from each division will be invited to compete and to prepare for their season. In 2022 we want to invite a great diversity based on strength and upcoming highlights like the World Games or WUCC.

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EUCS Transition Part 1: Timeline



This is the second article about the EUCS Transition, read the introduction from last week here: 

Last week we announced that we are evolving the EUCS structure in order to create a more equitable and fair Club Series for the whole European community. We addressed the reasons why the Club Series needs to evolve and we gave a brief summary of the changes that we are introducing

Don’t forget to write us your questions or comments either to or here: 

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EUCS are changing!



Do you remember a few months ago when we called for a Transition Taskforce to help us plan a better Club Series? Well, we started it!

The European Ultimate Club Series structure is officially changing!

After months of research & development, we have decided that in order to grow and develop the sport we all love, it is time to evolve the European Ultimate Club Series structure.


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Tender for streaming partnership



Dear Ultimate Community,


EUF is looking for a Streaming Partner!


We would like to collaborate with a live streaming company to make high quality tournaments more accessible to the whole European Ultimate Community.


To maximise transparency and give every bidding organisation equal opportunity to win a 2 year contract with us, we have created a tendering process and would like to extend an open invite for bids!


Deadline for completed applications is 1st October.


If your organisation is interested in submitting a bid, please send an e-mail to


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