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Press Conference for the EUC2019 with Hungarian Politicians


On June 19th 2018 the Kickoff Press Conference for the European Ultimate Championship 2019 in Györ took place in Budapest.
On top of the prominent guests was Dr. Szabó Tünde (Hungarian Sport Minister) with Borkai Zsolt (Major of Györ) and Dr. Mészáros János (President of the Hungarian Competitive Sports Association). EUF was represented by Andrea “Oddi” Furlan (EUF President).
More than a dozen journalists, who reported about the EUC2019 in the following days, have attended the press conference.
Dr. Mészáros stressed in his speech how fast Ultimate is growing in Hungary, thanks to the intensive work of the Hungarian Federation represented by its President Zoltan Endösi.
Andrea Furlan rose the interest of the journalists explaining what the Spirit of the Game is and which high standing gender equality and mutual respect has in our sport.
Zoltan Endösi closed the speeches inviting representatives of the institutions and the journalists at the Opening Ceremony for the EUC2019, which will take place on Sat. June 30th in the main stadium of Györ.
The Organization of the EUC is already at an advanced stage and it is planned to open the registration including the booking of accommodation this summer and close it on Dec. 31st
All Photo Credits: Hungarian Federation


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The EUF is pleased to announce Luckygrass as the official apparel and merchandise partner for the 2018 season.

Following our request for proposal as merchandise partner issued on January 31st 2018, the EUF board has invested the last couple of months in selecting a new apparel supplier. Now the European Ultimate Federation is very pleased to announce Luckygrass as its official merchandise partner for 2018, with the perspective of prolonging the cooperation also for 2019.

EUF President Andrea Furlan says:

“We received five bids from companies all over the world, but the offer that Russian company Luckygrass made us was by far the most competitve one. The presence of Luckygrass as partner at various EUF sanctioned events will include a merchandizing offer for the participants. But we are quite certain that not only the European elite players will benefit from this mutual agreement, because through our partnership also regular clubs in whole Europe are able to get reduced rates for their outfits.”

Luckygrass International Manager Kate Barabanova says:

“Luckygrass has been producing sports gear since 2011 and the European and international market has been very important for us from the beginning. That’s why we are incredibly happy to become the merchandizing partner of the European Ultimate Federation and help ultimate development around Europe. Since almost all our office employees are ultimate players, we know how it is important to look good, feel comfy on the field and don’t spend tons of money on this. That’s why we are always happy to offer a 25% discount to all elite teams that will participate at Championships – Europeans or Worlds – and a 15% discount for all teams that will take part in EUCRs. We are also happy to support the young generation and provide a 25% discount for youth teams and players under 18 years old.”

Check out their website at


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The EUF is pleased to announce Eurodisc as the official disc partner for the 2018-2019 seasons!

After the successful evaluation in 2017 of the WFDF-approved competition disc Eurodisc 175g 4.0 Organic and the smooth introduction in all EUF youth competitions, EUF has decided to extend its usage to all EUF sanctioned events.
The Eurodisc 175g 4.0 Organic will be the official disc for all EUF tournaments and Camps. 

This does not mean that games MUST be played with Eurodisc 175g 4.0 Organic.

At all EUF sanctioned tournaments there will be a sufficient number of Eurodisc game discs at every field. They can be used in warmup before the games. 

The game disc regulation is the following:

  • If both teams don´t want to play with Eurodisc 175g 4.0 Organic they are allowed to play with a different disc.
  • If one team wants to play with Eurodisc 175g 4.0 Organic and the other team doesn’t, in adult events the another disc will be used.
  • If one team wants to play with Eurodisc 175g 4.0 Organic and the other team doesn’t, in junior events the Eurodisc game disc will be used.

This agreement is in-line with the decision made at the EUF General Assembly 2017 in Veenendaal, ratified by all EUF member federations.

PDF Version

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#RoadToCincinati - the EUF Streaming Calendar


EUF in cooperation with has already covered 5 Ultimate Tournaments in the last month and we are keeping on with this amazing rythm, broadcasting every weekend at least 1 tournament of the full featured ultimate streaming, produced by, or from the ultimate sideline view .
This makes tons of good material which we can use to prome our sport inside and outside our community!!
In order to continue to produce so much material we need as much support from you and the community as possible.
If you want access to an amazing on-demand archive of top games, and if you want to continue seeing great free content from each tournament, then we need you to subscribe! 
Follow Europes Elite teams as they prepare for WUCC #roadtocincinati 
And get your fanseat subscription now!
watch the #RoadToCincinati Promotion Video and stay tuned on the EUF Facebook Page:


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Call for Bids for EYUC2019 as joind or split event for U17 and U20


 download PDF Version

One time situation in 2019: EUC runs June 29-July 6; WJU24 July 13-20. Theses weeks are to be avoided.
Location: after many editions in western Europe, EUF is giving strong preference to a host in Eastern/Central Europe. Simplified: anything east of Germany. Please do check with EUF when in doubt!
Time Line:
may 31 2018:             Declaration of interest
June 30st:                  Bid draft complete, provisional budget
Aug 31th:                   Shortlist by EUF
Sept. 30th:                 Bid selection published
All mails shall be sent to
Tournament length:
6 full match days + finals day; opening ceremony and match optional
Target Date is Aug. 3-10.  As alternatives also other dates in July or August are possible. The weeks June 29-July 7 and July 13-20 should be strongly avoided
Number of Teams:
There should be space for up to 70 teams
Number of Players:
In the previous events the average number of participants was around 25, including staff, guests and coaches. EYUC17 had ~1200 participants.
Venue for Single Event
Minimum 13 WFDF-conform fields (between 100m x 37m + 5m restrain lines, minimum 90m x 33m + 3m restrain lines around each field) are necessary. Please provide backup plan in case of rain, like higher number of fields available, turf fields, etc.
Football goals must be removed or protected, for the safety of the players.
Having all pitches on 1 site is an asset.
Having a grand stand for showcase games is an asset.
Please add in the bid a google map link of the venue(s) and describe the grass quality.
Venue for split events:
It is possible to send a reduced bit for U17 only or U20 only
As Youth Ultimate is growing, the team numbers have risen strongly. We are aware it may not be possible to find a host for 65 teams or more; so we do grant the possibility to bid for only U20 or U17.
U20: 35-45 teams, minimum 8 fields + rain plan
U17: 20-30 teams, minimum 5 fields + rain plan
Please consider 2 Person per field/game plus at least 6 persons to manage volunteers, fields, accommodation, social events, service coordination etc.
EUF supports the Tournament Organization Committee with 3 experienced Youth Event Coordinators, who need to get free lodging and food as all volunteers and their travel costs covered. Please consider the costs for these extra volunteers in your budget.
Medical staff and/or paramedics/physiotherapists and First Aid-material must be available at the fields. Fix ambulance at the fields is an asset.
Please describe your medical plan in your bid.
Low budget (floor space, camping, hostels,…) accommodation must be offered for at least 25% of the planned participants .
Price range for the various accommodations must be indicated in the budget. Be prepared that teams or individuals may want to stay an extra day prior to/after event.
Please add in the bid a google map link of the accommodation and the distance to the venue(s).
At least breakfast and warm dinner must be provided.
Drinking water must be available at each pitch.
Please indicate where and how you plan to provide meals and the indicative costs.
Indicate how the tournament location can be reached (distance to airports, public transportation system,…).
If a shuttle service is necessary between accommodation and venue(s) indicate the planned costs and how it will be organized.
Indicate if you plan a pickup service from the next Airport / Train Station.
Having a tournament location which minimizes the travelling costs and so reduces the overheads of moving large groups of kids, is an asset.
Social Events:
Opening ceremony on Saturday including show case game.
Awards and closing ceremony on Sat/Sun afternoon.
Both of them will be run together with two EUF delegates.
Trading night and a farewell party should be considered. More social events are desirable. There will be some bye especially for the U17 teams, that could be filled with social/cultural events.
EUF like WFDF has a strict no-alcohol policy for all youth events (please refer to WFDF Bid Guidelines §4.5.H).
Please shortly describe the plan for the social events.
Media Visibility:
The Tournament will be streamed by a professional crew.
A 10Mbs Upload Internet Connection must be available on the field(s), which will be live streamed. EUF will do the initial coordination. The ToC will be responsible for the implementation of the streaming requirement.
Social Media Marketing has also become more and more important in our sport.
Please indicate if and how you plan to increase the tournament visibility and which budget you reserve for this.
EUF will provide webspace on and on
Medals will be provided and paid by EUF. Spirit of the Game and Winner Trophies must be covered by the tournament budget or by sponsors.
A tournament gift per player is not necessary and should be considered only if covered by a sponsor.
Tournament costs to the individual player including travel costs will be a central criterion for bid selection. We want to enable all interested teams to attend and not to exclude anyone for cost reasons.
As a reference consider that the previous EYUC had a “cost to player” of about 250€, including budget accommodation, food (HB), player’s fee and share of the team fee. For the budget plan, please use the EUF template.
We want to make clear that people, who work hard on these events, should receive some reasonable payment, nevertheless, being a youth competition, management costs should be kept to the minimum.
The EUF committee wants to make sure that it is able to get very clear visibility of all the costs; that costs are reasonable, and that we help make sure players don’t pay for things that they might prefer not to have if given the choice.
Host Eligibility:
All bids must include a description of the relationship of the bid committee with the National Federation (NF). 
If the bid committee is not directly affiliated with the NF, the final bid must include a letter of endorsement from the NF.
The NF does not necessarily have to be involved with the planning of the event, but they must be aware of and support your intentions.
No bid can be accepted without this documentation.
We warmly suggest potential bidders to check the best practices described in the WFDF Bid Guideline and WFDF Tournament Director's Manual.

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